My name is Anna Adamowicz and my journey into the world of cosmetology began 15 years ago. When I first started to discover the secrets of this profession, the main factors influencing the efficiency of work were a clever mind and capable hands. It was only over time that I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the various technologies that were gradually being introduced to the medical services market.
As I gained experience, more and more I asked myself a question which later became the basis for creating a proprietary approach in all IA skin therapies: Why some treatments don’t work…? Do the technologies sometimes fail, or are the patients themselves a mystery that should be looked at more closely…? This is how the T.S.T. (Transpersonal Skin Therapy) method was born, taking a completely individual approach to each Patient based on a number of ontogenic factors, such as: precisely diagnosed source of the problem, ontogenic sensitivity, individual personality traits, the Patient’s previous experience with different therapies, etc.
The measure of success of any therapy in IA is the effect!


The effectiveness of IA solutions is confirmed by patients’ recommendations and their near 100-percent loyalty.

Some feedback from our patients:


„After pregnancy, I had some abdomen fat, which, despite exercising, I couldn’t get rid off. After cryolipolysis treatments with vacuum massages, the effect is phenomenal: the abdomen is flat, the skin is firm, I have never seen such an effect of the treatments before! I also received support regarding diet and exercise, so that the effect lasted longer – full professionalism! I’ll come back to sustain the effect.en profesjonalizm! Będę wracać, żeby podtrzymać efekt.”


„I had acne rosacea in inflammation. Ania started with the tests that showed I have an autoimmune disease. She proposed a gentle calming of the skin with a series of treatments based on azelaic acid, and then treatments to normalise exfoliation of the epidermis and a Neodymium-YAG laser treatment series. I also received dietary recommendations and care tips. After the first treatments I can see an improvement. I’m starting to believe that I’ll finally be able to deal with the problem!”


„I noticed the first symptoms of baldness. Cosmetologist recommended to start with hormones and trace elements tests, she looked at the scalp in a tricho-cam. On this basis, she explained to me why my hair falls out – it turned out to be an androgenic type of baldness. After 3 IA proprietary therapy treatments, the ailment was significantly reduced, and after 6 treatments, the hair started to thicken, I also saw tiny hair growing from the skin. I believe that it will be a success!”


„My main problem was flaccid eyelid, I’m 39 years old and when I did makeup, the skin wrinkled ugly in the fold. After consultation, the cosmetologist recommended plasma treatments; after just one treatment on both eyelids their elasticity improved, the eye opened, and when it comes to the lower eyelid, even deeper mimic wrinkles diminished and the skin was smoothed. For prophylactic purposes I’ll repeat this procedure once a year – it’s worth it! I also consider the mesowave procedure, because I know from a friend who has already done it in IA, that it effectively firms and can be done in the summer.”


„I have been struggling with orange-peel skin for years, I was diagnosed with a painful type of cellulite. As a result of tests commissioned by Ania, it turned out that I have cardiovascular and lymphatic disorders, weakened blood vessels and problems with water retention. Ania recommended me an isometric vacuum massage combined with local ultrasound breaking, I got recommendations for diet and physical activity, and finally I was advised a sport that actually helps!”

I noticed that people today feel lost in the rich offer of surgeries. Sometimes they are guided by temporary fashions rather than by the needs of their own skin. At IA we guarantee highly targeted tailor-made therapies, because that is the main assumption of T.S.T.!

In our therapeutic approach, devices play an important role, which is why we have the most sophisticated devices from the HIGH-TECH segment, which are medically certified to guarantee the highest safety and high efficiency. But it is T.S.T. that allows us to guarantee each Patient a solution in 98% of instances and the same satisfaction with the therapy.

I have created a place where the Patient feels most important and his or her needs are at the centre of attention.

The IA motto, not without reason, is: If you want, you can!

I invite you to a professional consultation.

Ania Adamowicz