Acne scars – are unaesthetic and difficult to remove skin lesions, which are the remains of another chronic problem. The bacteria responsible for acne formation, such as propionibacterium acnes, lead to inflammatory states, and abnormal therapy of the problem can lead to scarring. We can also observe such consequences as: changes in skin tone, and in the worst case, the appearance of atrophic scars.

Atrophic scars are the result of abnormal skin regeneration. The skin in the area of inflammation becomes much thinner, as a result of which unsightly hollows are formed in it. Treatment of acne scars requires patience. It consists of reducing the epidermal layer, as well as stimulation of intercellular transformation and intensification of fibroblast function. These actions accelerate the regeneration of the skin and allow for its proper reconstruction. This results in the reduction of scars, increased skin tone and evenness of colour.