Enlarged blood vessels, or telangiectasias, are an increasingly common and therapeutically complex problem. This process consists of many different factors, both external and internal. Healthy blood vessels are strong and flexible, they shrink and relax. In case of some people, however, they can be very fragile and do not withstand the blood pressure over time. As a result, they expand to such an extent that they become visible under the skin. The first clinical symptom is redness, the so-called erythema. Initially, the erythema disappears, but with time it becomes and remains permanent. The end result is a permanent, pronounced dilated capillaries that are visible through the epidermis. Left in this state, they may in time become a propitious starting point for the development of acne rosacea.

The only effective method of removing broken capillaries on face are laser vessel closure procedures.

In our Institute, specialists will be able to deal with this problem using the latest advanced technologies.

Recommended treatments in case of problems with vessels: