A disease for which malassezia furfur is responsible. It is a kind of yeast that inhabits the scalp of most of us. However, its increased activity leads to the triggering of the inflammatory reaction and the emergence of a disease such as SD.

The reasons for its intensification are:

  • overproduction of tallow
  • abnormal sebum composition (increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels)
  • hyperangrogenism
  • autoimmune diseases
  • distress
  • misdiet

The symptoms we observe in patients are:

  •  dandruff
  • redness, desquamation
  • itching – erosions, scabs
  • excessive keratinisation – visible dryness and exfoliation of the skin in the line of the forehead, hair and around the ears
  • flammatory outbreaks covered with scales
  • excessive seborrhea
  • thinning of hair

The therapeutic effect of SD is based on the synergy of medical ultrasound exfoliating, oxytherapy and appropriate home care, which has an antifungal effect, its purpose is to moisturise the scalp, prevent excessive desquamation and soothe inflammatory states.

Treatments recommended for SD: