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What is ‘HIFU LIFT’?

HIFU LIFT is a non-invasive, highly effective method of body firming and contouring, using the latest HIFU technology and round heads equipped with Micro Focused and Macro Focused technology. These methods concentrate uniform, continuous ultrasonic energy causing the effect of thermal coagulation and muscle contractions in the body, excluding the occurrence of skin damage.

How does it work?

The Macro Focused body ultrasound head firms and contours the body, transferring continuous circular ultrasound waves directly to the subcutaneous tissue, stimulating contractions and eliminating persistent fat cells that are naturally removed from the body. As a result of ultrasound waves vibration, the activity of skin cells increases, which stimulates them to regenerate and create new collagen.


  • firming and modelling of the body
  • skin density
  • figure slimming
  • increase of skin tension and elasticity
  • reduction of body circumferences

During the treatment, the patient feels deep warmth, followed by a slight burning of the skin. With extremely sensitive patients, local anaesthesia may be used. Immediately after the treatment, there is usually redness of the skin and swelling, which disappear within a few hours after the treatment.

The effect of skin tension is immediately visible, but the lasting effects of slimming and firming of the figure occur gradually within 3-6 months. This is the time when new collagen and elastin fibres are formed. The effects of the treatment last up to 2 years.

Duration of the procedure is 30-90 minutes, depending on the area. One treatment is sufficient to maintain the maximum effect on a given area of the body.


  • excessive amount of adipose tissue – uneven distribution of adipose tissue (breeches, abdomen)
  • cellulite
  • reduction of skin elasticity and tension
  • striae
  • increase of effectiveness, support of slimming therapies (during their duration)
  • regeneration of the body after pregnancy
  • flaccidity of connective tissue


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • open wounds and skin lesions in the treatment area
  • severe forms of acne or cystic acne in the treatment area
  • metal electronic stents/implants in the treatment area
  • mechanical bioabsorbable implants
  • skin infections of all types
  • coagulation disorders

Price: 2900 – 4000 pln


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