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What is DermaJet active microneedle mesotherapy?

‘DermaJet active’ microneedle mesotherapy is a procedure consisting in puncturing the skin in order to visibly rejuvenate it. Until recently, this type of treatment was performed only by doctors. Today it is possible to carry out specialist treatments even at home! The condition is to buy a well-chosen rollers in a reputable retail and reliable cosmetological care during the therapy.

We recommend home mesotherapy microneedle mesotherapy – our own treatment! – The micro-puncture technique is used by Anna Adamowicz.

How does it work?

The procedure consists in performing specific movements with a roller conveyor equipped with special sterile (titanium) needles with length ranging from 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm. It can be performed on both facial and body skin, depending on the indications specified by an experienced cosmetologist (selection of needle length is of strategic importance for the safety and effectiveness of the therapy). Before performing micropunctures, we apply specially designed products. Appropriate ampoules are matched to the needs of the skin (wrinkles, scars, discolouration) and contain therapeutic concentrations of biologically active ingredients. In case of flaccidity and visible signs of skin aging these will include: peptides, amino acids, vitamins C and E, plant extracts, e.g. from young barley, red wine leaves, mulberry.

The treatment gives excellent results and is a continuation of the treatment in the office. However, it has to be performed under close control of cosmetologist, because inept performance is entails a high risk of serious complications, such as viral and bacterial infections of the skin (see the statement by Ania Adamowicz for Wizaż.pl).

After the treatment, the skin is reddened, which may be accompanied by the feeling of burning, which passes within a few hours.

The procedure lasts 30 minutes.

Treatment is enough for 10 procedures.


  • deep wrinkles, furrows, mimic wrinkles
  • under-eye wrinkles and furrows
  • thin skin, flaccid
  • discolourations
  • oily skin, dilated pores
  • striae
  • excess body fat
  • cellulite


  • haemophilia
  • mental illness
  • cramps, mobility impairments
  • autoimmune diseases
  • undiagnosed pain
  • persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • neoplasm
  • acute diabetes
  • viral and battery infections of the skin
  • acne
  • acne rosacea
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period
  • SD, psoriasis, AD

Price of DermaJet Roller + ampoules set (10 treatments): 990 pln


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