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What is ‘Amygdalic Acid’?

Amygdalic acid is extracted from bitter almonds and is one of the milder acids showing such a beneficial effect on the skin. Not only does it cure acne, but it also has an anti-aging effect, reducing fine lines and discolourations. It is an ideal solution for people with difficult, problematic skin and as a revitalisation after summer.

How does it work?

Amygdalic acid has strong revitalising properties, as well as antibacterial and disinfecting properties. It is therefore perfect for combating acne and excessive seborrhea. After a series of treatments, acne is reduced, sebaceous glands are reduced and pores are narrowed. Exfolation with amygdalic acid will also reduce the wrinkles and effectively regenerate solar damage, which will improve the structure of your skin – a great treatment after the summer, when the tan fades and exposes the first sun damage.

During the procedure, the patient may feel a slight itching.

Treatments are performed in series, the quantity is adjusted to the needs of the patient’s skin; on average, the treatments are performed every 10 days.
Duration of the procedure: 30 minutes.


  • wrinkles
  • post-sun exposure skin
  • dry skin
  • tired skin
  • skin with discolourations
  • acne


  • skin allergies
  • active herpes
  • post-facesurgery condition (up to 2 months)
  • eczemas
  • post-cryotherapy condition (up to 6 months)
  • irritated, damaged skin
  • oral therapy with vitamin A derivatives (Roaccutane, Isotec, Curracne –
  • only 6 months after the end of treatment)
  • oral, long-term steroid therapy
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • psoriasis
  • sunburns
  • many skin marks

Most often, there are different acids used during the procedure, hence the price range.

Price: 200 – 300 pln / 1 treatment

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