Anti-aging massage

Anti-aging massage 150 150 Instytut Adamowicz

What is ‘Anti-aging massage’?

Anti-aging face massage is a massage that perfectly improves the elasticity of our muscles and the elasticity of the facial skin, naturally stopping the aging process. The preparation used during the massage is intended to support the effective anti-aging treatment.

How does it work?

During the massage we stimulate the circulation and stimulate the skin to regenerate. In this way we prevent appearance of wrinkles in the area of: forehead, eye corners (the so-called crow’s feet), wrinkles in the mouth corners, and also reduce the already visible wrinkles in the mouth corners. In addition, we work on improving the elasticity of facial muscles, which directly affects the improvement of skin elasticity and provides it with a much healthier and more attractive appearance. Massage, as a proven and effective anti-aging treatment, is recommended from the age of 30.

The effects of regular rejuvenating massage increase the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Significant reduction of wrinkles and so-called “crow’s feet”. The face after the treatment looks much healthier, takes on a youthful glow.

Duration 30 minutes.


  • poorly elastic skin, flaccid
  • grey, tired skin
  • anti-aging prophylaxis


  • active acne
  • herpes
  • tumours

Price: 99 pln/ 1 treatment


Aby zwiększyć efektywność zabiegów łączymy masaż anti-aging z zabiegiem oxyterapii.


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