Vacuum oxygen mesotherapy

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What is vacuum oxygen mesotherapy?

Vacuum oxygen mesotherapy treatment is a revitalising and moisturising treatment of the skin. It is one of the original treatments developed by Ania Adamowicz and is an alternative to classic mesotherapy when we do not want to interrupt the continuity of the skin. The results are surprisingly good, and the treatment itself is liked by our patients.

How does it work?

Vacuum oxygen mesotherapy treatment consists of two elements. The first one is vacuum massage.

The therapist uses vacuum-powered pellets to suck in skin folds, then gently moving the pellet in the right direction, massaging the skin. During the procedure lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and cleavage is performed. It is an excellent method, which eliminates the effect of swollen eyes and swelling of the whole face. During the procedure unnecessary metabolites lying in the subcutaneous tissue are displaced and blood circulation is strongly stimulated. Thanks to vacuum stimulation, the skin regains its healthy and radiant appearance.

The next step is oxytherapy.

Thanks to the phenomenon of electroporation, ion channels are formed in the skin, which allow penetration into deeper layers of the skin of an appropriate type of serum, containing concentrated vitamins, amino acids, macro- and microelements with the simultaneous application of active oxygen. Oxygen infusion allows an even deeper introduction of active substances. After the treatment we get oxygenation, nourishment of skin and muscles and acceleration of skin regeneration processes.

Duration: 45 min.

The treatment is very pleasant, the effects are immediately visible, there is no need for convalescence.


  • susceptibility to face swelling
  • grey, tired complexion
  • fine lines
  • dry skin
  • loss of firmness
  • drooping facial oval


  • pregnancy
  • the breastfeeding period
  • skin inflammation
  • fever

Price: od 420 pln/1 treatment

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