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What is ‘Coax’?

The treatment is based on radio wave technology, which allows to obtain the effect of face lifting without the use of a scalpel.

How does it work?

Monopolar radio waves allow deep penetration of energy into the skin, while the outer layer is protected by a cooled device head. During the treatment the skin temperature is measured regularly. This ensures the safety and efficiency of the therapy. By heating the deep layers of the skin, we stimulate its regeneration and the formation of new collagen fibres. The result is visible right after the first treatment. The post-treatment result is described by our patients as the “new skin” effect. The therapy is completely painless and the patients feel a gentle warmth during the treatments.

Effects after the treatment include: immediate increase in skin tension, improved circulation, stimulation of collagen production, improvement of skin tone, reduction of inflammation, brightening of acne scars.

A series of 4 to 6 treatments every 3 weeks is recommended

Duration of the procedure: 60 minutes.


  • weakening of the skin’s elasticity
  • grey, tired skin without radiance
  • wrinkles
  • drooping facial oval
  • acne scars
  • acne discolouration


  • susceptibility to keloids
  • chronic diseases
  • metal implants in the body
  • circulatory insufficiency
  • heart disease
  • defibrillation devices in the body, pacemaker
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • cancer, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy


Aby uzyskać optymalne efekty terapii łączymy technologię Coax z zabiegami:

Vacu Oxygen

Price: 600 – 700 / 1 treatment

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