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What is ‘Intraject’?

This is an innovative, highly effective lifting treatment with medical certification. It is based on ultrasonic skin cleansing and synergy of monopolar radio wave with electroporation. During the treatment, beneficial active substances are used, which are selected individually to the patient’s skin needs.

How does it work?

The Intraject lifting treatment consists of 2 stages:

The first of these is medical ultrasonic facial cleansing. We exfoliate dead epidermal cells, cleanse sebaceous glands, stimulate blood microcirculation – in this way the skin becomes healthier and ready for further regenerative processes.

The second stage, the most important in the whole procedure, is micropuncture in combination with medical radio frequency and electroporation.

With the help of a specialised head with a replaceable, disposable roller with needles, the micropunctures are made on the skin. Thanks to the fact that the needles penetrate deep into the skin, the radio wave reaches the collagen fibres directly, causing their reconstruction. This is called skin thermolifting, which stimulates collagen and causes the production of new collagen fibres. At the same time there is an electroporation causing temporary destabilisation of the cell membrane, through which beneficial active substances are injected.

The sagging skin restores elasticity and firmness, while wrinkles, scars and discolourations are reduced. An additional advantage of the treatment is deep skin hydration. The skin tone gets more even; a skin lift is noticeable.

The skin is anesthetised for the procedure, during the procedure the patient feels small needles and warmth.

Duration of the procedure 60 minutes.


  • deep wrinkles, furrows, mimic wrinkles
  • under-eye wrinkles and furrows
  • thin skin, flaccid
  • discolourations
  • oily skin, dilated pores
  • surgical scars, acne scars
  • bags, under eye circles


  • haemophilia
  • mental illness
  • cramps, mobility impairments
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • undiagnosed pain
  • pacemaker/heart failure
  • plastic surgeries (min. 1 year)
  • thrombosis, vein inflammation, hypertension, hypotension
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • osteoporosis
  • neoplasm
  • epilepsy
  • asthma
  • acute diabetes

In order to increase the effectiveness of the therapy we recommend Intraject and Vacu Oxygen alternately.

Vacu Oxygen

Price: 1200- 1900 pln /1 treatment

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