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What is ‘Cosmelan’?

Cosmelan is one of the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation – both hormonal and sunny. The treatment can be performed at any time of the year and is suitable for all skin types. Cosmelan contains brightening agents with immediate effect, such as: kojic acid, phytic acid, arbutin, retinyl palmitate and ascorbic acid. Its additional advantage is the reduction of dilated pores and reduction of sebum secretion.

How does it work?

It inhibits the enzyme (tyrosinase), which is key to the formation of melanin (skin colour).

How does the discolouration removal procedure work?

The first stage is performed in the office – after degreasing the skin with a special preparation, the cosmetologist applies a Cosmelan mask in the make-up colour.

The second stage of the procedure is performed at home.

The first step is to wash off the mask applied in the office, about 3-7 hours later (the mask-leaving time depends on skin phototype). The second step is the systematic application of Mesoestetic Cosmelan 2 cream. Regular application of the cream is necessary to support the effect of the treatment performed in the office and to maintain and extend its effects. Skin condition improves one week after the start of treatment. Depending on the skin type, the treatment takes place at different speeds.


  • solar discolouration
  • freckles
  • hormonal hyperpigmentation


  • pregnancy
  • laser treatments performed at the same time (e.g. laser epilation, approx. 2 weeks break)
  • exposure to UV rays
  • active phase herpes
  • acne in the active phase
  • active inflammation of the skin
  • chemical peeling (approx. 1 week break)
  • retinoids (approx. 6 months break)
  • vitamin A derivatives (approx. 2 weeks break)


                                                                                                          Price: 2000 pln/ 1 treatment

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