Ferulic acid

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What is ferulic acid?

Ferulic acid (4-hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid) is a derivative of cinnamic acid, soluble in water and ethanol. It occurs naturally in cereal grains such as wheat, oats and rye, as well as in rice and corn. In addition, we can find it in leaves, seeds and bark of coniferous trees.

How does it work?

Ferulic acid has strong antioxidant properties, combating free radicals. Its action is focused on delaying skin aging processes. Prevents the formation of discolouration and reduces existing ones. Influences skin hydration. Additionally, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces redness.

The effect of applying the acid is visible immediately after the treatment. The skin becomes visibly moisturised and tense. During the treatment you can feel a slight itching. The treatments are performed in series. The number of treatments is adapted to the needs of the skin. On average, the treatments are performed every 10 days.

Duration of the procedure: 30 minutes.


  • wrinkles
  • post-sun exposure skin
  • dry skin
  • tired skin
  • skin with discolouration


  • skin allergies
  • active herpes
  • post-facial surgery condition (up to 2 months)
  • irritated, damaged skin
  • oral therapy with vitamin A derivatives (Roaccutane, Isotec, Curracne – 6 months after the end of treatment)
  • oral, long-term steroid therapy
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • psoriasis
  • sunburns
  • many skin marks

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Najczęściej podczas zabiegu wykorzystywane są różne kwasy, stąd widełki cenowe.

Price: 200-300 pln / 1 treatment


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