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What is ‘Dermaheal HL’?

Dermaheal HL is a specialist preparation for the scalp that regenerates and stimulates hair regrowth. Thanks to the content of growth factors and biomimetic proteins, it effectively reduces hair loss and alopecia in case of women as well as men.

How does it work?

The product contains numerous peptides, which have different effects on the scalp and hair:

  • J DECAPEPTIDE-4 – strengthens the hair, stimulating the hair bulbs to produce long shafts of hair.
  • ACETYL DECAPEPTIDE-3 – revitalises hair roots, regenerating hair cells.
  • OLIGOPEPTIDE – stimulates proliferation (multiplication) and migration of hair cells.
  • COPPER TRIPEPTIDE-1 – strengthens hair and stimulates hair bulbs to build the hair shaft, supports circulation in the scalp and regenerates hair bulbs.

Dermaheal is injected into the scalp during mesotherapy in areas where hair is thinned. The treatment nourishes the hair bulbs, stimulating their hair growth. It also stimulates blood circulation, which improves the condition of the scalp – it is nourished and clearly regenerated. All these elements contribute to faster hair growth.

Duration 30 minutes.


  • hair revitalisation
  • dry scalp
  • androgenic alopecia
  • hair loss
  • thinned hair
  • hair loss prophylaxis


  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding period – lactation
  • allergy to the ingredients of the preparation
  • diabetes (relative)
  • local inflammations (viral and bacterial infections)
  • taking anticoagulants, non-steroidal inflammatory drugs (e.g. Aspirin, Acard) within the last few days
  • blood diseases (anaemia, thrombocytopenia)
  • susceptibility to scarring
  • active herpes
  • post-cancer therapy
  • cancer
  • autoimmune diseases (autoimmune diseases), e.g.: GRAVES’ disease and HASHIMOTO thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, muscle fatigue – MYASTHENIA, rheumatoid arthritis RA, scleroderma, SJÖGREN syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, musculoskeletal-tendonist visitor
  • epilepsy
  • viral hepatitis
  • consumption of alcohol before surgery



                                                                                              Price: 390 pln/1 treatment


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