Non-ablative resurfacing

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What is non-ablative resurfacing?

Non-ablative facial resurfacing treatment is a treatment that potently stimulates the skin to regenerate, and as a result to its visible rejuvenation. Depending on the age and needs of the skin, it can be performed on the entire face, neck and cleavage, but also in selected areas, such as eyes, lips, cheeks, forehead. The procedure is performed on a medical X-lase laser platform.

How does it work?

The laser beam emitted during the treatment causes subthreshold damage to the dermis, which results in its healing. This stimulates fibroblast activity and synthesis of new collagen fibres.

The treatment definitely improves the appearance of aging skin, eliminates or reduces wrinkles, improves the skin tone.

Unlike ablative methods, laser non-ablative treatments such as X-Lase offer a significant improvement in skin condition without damaging the epidermis and are safe. After the procedure there is no need for a convalescence period, and there are no complications accompanying resurfacing procedures in case of ablative therapies.

The effect of better skin tone and reduced wrinkles can be seen right after the first treatment.

Duration of the procedure: 50 minutes.

The treatment is comfortable.

Recommended number of treatments: from 2 to 4 treatments, every 4-6 weeks.


  • loss of skin firmness
  • drooping facial oval
  • wrinkles
  • fine lines


  • avoid tanning 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the treatment
  • no use of self-tanning agents during therapy
  • retinoid therapy (laser treatment is possible after 6 months from the end of retinoid treatment)
  • steroid therapies
  • cancer
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period
  • photosensitive drugs, e.g. antibiotics, antidepressants
  • certain painkillers, e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen
  • photosensitive herbs e.g. St. John’s wort, marigold, senna, buckthorn


Price: 990 pln/1 treatment


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