Restylane skinboosters

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What is ‘Restylane skinboosters’?

This mesotherapy treatment deeply revitalises face and body using the highest class stabilised hyaluronic acid ‘Restylane skinboosters’.

How does it work?

‘Restylane skinboosters’ is injected into the selected treatment area. The effects that can be gained after the treatment are: reconstruction of the skin structure, increase in its elasticity, smoothing small wrinkles, restoring an appropriate level of hydration. A series of 3 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks provides spectacular aesthetic results. The small amount of lidocaine contained in the new products ensures the highest comfort for the patient.


  • oreconstruction and revitalisation of the skin of the whole body,
  • revitalisation of the skin around the eyes
  • the red zone of the lip quality improvement
  • revitalisation of the skin on the backs of the hands


  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid,
  • diseases of the immune system, autoimmune diseases
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • severe coagulation disturbances
  • severe mental disorders

It is recommended not to use aspirin, anti-inflammatory agents or anticoagulants in the week preceding the procedure. Within a few days after the treatment you should avoid exposing yourself to extreme temperatures (intense cold, sauna, UV radiation) and using swimming pools.


                                                                                              Price: 900 pln / 1 ampułka

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